Please understand that the purpose of this page is to help my future patients become
familiar with myself and my office. This page has been made possible with the help of
some of my patients, who graciously posted comments. I hope the information provided
has helped you.


As the result of a 10 foot fall from a ladder, I injured the entire right side of my body and
fractured a bone on my left foot. I had been a previous patient of Doc Stone and
contacted him the next day after receiving stitches and x-rays at the hospital emergency
room. The pain from the injury to my left foot was more bothersome than being stitched
up and black and blue. On Doc Stone's recommendation I consulted with a local
podiatrist but they could only confirm a small hairline fracture in my foot and said time
would heal the fracture. Doc Stone's approach was a combination of several muscular
therapies as well as the Energy Balancer technology. After several treatments with the
Energy Balancer along with physical massage the pain in my foot subsided to the point
where I was able to wear normal shoes. For the past year and a half I have not
experienced any pain in my foot at all.

Doc Stone looks at the total person. From the initial first visit he starts at the bottom (foot
scans) and works his way up the skeletal framework including taking pictures to analyze
posture and it's affect on your condition. My past experiences with Mark Stone have
taught me that not only will he do the most he can for you if you are willing to work with
him, he also will refer you to more traditional therapies and doctors if the situation
warrants it. There are no heroics with Mark Stone. I've been a patient on and off for a few
years. He has even opened up his office on a Sunday when other family members have
been seriously injured. His integrity and honesty are unmatched.

Ray C

Chiropractic has helped to save my career. From twisted ankles to herniated discs, from
trapezius spasms to locked bones in my feet, from bursitis in my knees to arthritis in my
hands, I have experienced numerous maladies. But with chiropractic care, and
specifically over the last ten years with Dr. Mark Stone, I am able to continue dancing.
As a dance professor and choreographer, I obviously need to be able to move well. After
55 years of dancing, my body has taken a toll. Mark's multi-faceted therapies have made
it possible for me to continue dancing almost pain free. Mark works at finding the origin
of my problem and then is able to free up the culprit. I thank him for his patience, his
expertise, and most especially, for listening and then administering treatments that work,
without having to use a drug or an injection. Mark, you are the best! I highly
recommend Stone Chiropractic Center to all dancers!

Elena R

I have been going to Dr. Stone for about 3 years now. I started getting vertigo about 5
years ago and no one could ever give me an answer or relief. I was in and out of doctor’s
offices and had numerous tests done. I showed up at Dr. Stones’ office in tears and he
told me "We cannot look back and that he knew what was wrong". I was diagnosed with
Positional Vertigo by a neurologist, but my Vertigo was still acting up alot. Dr. Stone
said it was being caused by my posture as well as my neck pain causing Vertigo. Dr.
Stone keeps my neck in check and performs Cranial Sacral on me. I still get Vertigo from
time to time, but no where near as often as I was. Dr. Stone has not only a gentle
approach, he has a gentle spirit. He truly cares about every person who walks in his door.
He listens when you speak. He knows all of his patients by name. You are not known as a
chart number. I recommend him all the time. I think he is the best doctor I have ever

Julie H

Once upon a time I was a hurting puppy. My elbow had a dull aching pain that would not
subside, and my fingers were numb. It was a snow day and Dr.Stone took me right in.
Posture pictures were taken, lots of questions were asked, and then the adjustment came.
I was feeling so much better, I was actually in tears. I received instant relief. I walked
into Mark's office a 6 or 7 that day and left feeling like a 3 or 4.
Since that day my arm and hand have been fine.
I have since had other issues that Mark has helped with. After a fall from my deck, Dr.
Stone was called at home, and that day (Sunday) I met him at
his office and he took such good care of me. I can't give enough praise to Mark Stone. He
is reMARKable. I am learning to undo my poor posture through Mark's exercises.I have
been given information to help myself do better, lots of fish oil and nano greens used by
this young lady.
I can't thank Dr. Stone enough for all of his support and insight to a different way to live.
Fifty is looking pretty good. Thank you Dr. Stone

Sandy A

One year ago I was desperate, feeling hopeless and helpless. Sinus infections had caused
me to get sick for almost a month and in that time antibiotics were not helping me,
specialist were prescribing inhalers; but I still was just feeling weak, exhausted just
climbing the stairs.
A co-worker recommended Dr. Mark and I’m very grateful. Even though I live in Oxford
the 35-40 minute one way is well worth coming to see you for treatment. Nanogreens has
given me more energy! I’m sleeping better and you’ve given me hope. I’m also grateful
that you hold me responsible for my health.
I remember the first visit you spent a long time with me and you listened to me and you
looked at me and you were considering me; not just spending time 2-3 minutes to do a
diagnosis and prescribe more medication.
Thanks for being there.

Ken K

A dear friend reccomended Dr. Stone to me. I had reservations about going to a
chiropractor as I was "cracked" in the past once before and did not like the experience. I
had lower back pain along with pain down my left leg. Dr. Stone is very gentle and
positive. He has treated me for an injury that was to be corrected surgically, and I am so
much better in just a few weeks. I have little or no pain now and I am relieved that I do
not need surgery now. Dr. Stone teaches his patients to reinforce what he does at the
office through simple exercises. I think he is a miracle worker!!

Karen S

It has been so long since I first visited with Mark that I cannot recall my initial problem. I
CAN tell you that in all these years (and there have been many), he has addressed
problems from neck to toes. MY success has been through MARK'S success in treating
and being proactive in seeking treatments to eliminate problems. His being there 24/7
(and, yes, that includes nights, weekends and holidays) when problems could NOT wait,
have earned him a position atop a very high pedestal. Most problems don't occur in a day
and I didn't expect "cures" in a day. That Mark...he's a prince!

Jackie R

I thought I needed a chiropractor for years yet only after throwing my back out and being
unable to move for almost two weeks did I finally decide I had no choice. I was
overwhelmed by my first visit and thought I could not do all that he was asking me to do
(which was only to take vitamins and do a few exercises per day). I guess it was the time
commitment of appointments that seemed most overwhelming. I chose to give it a try and
as it turned out I enjoyed my appointments because with each week I felt better, not just
physically but mentally. There were so many physical changes that I experienced that
were related to my overall wellness that day to day tasks seemed easier. I had always
been very regimented about working out yet somehow I felt that the more I exercised the
worse I felt. Dr. Stone guided me in changing my style of workouts so as to not injure

Dr. Mark Stone is a caring and gifted teacher. The kind of teacher that never stops
learning and improving.

Learning is far and away what your experience in his care will be. He will teach you to be
well. He will lead but you must follow to experience true wellness.
His emphasis is on the physical from the inside out. He will teach you the importance of
vitamins and eating well. He will encourage you to take your “Nanos”!
He is an expert on physical structure and the physics behind your movements. He will
listen, really listen, to you. He will think carefully about your complaints and devise an
exercise regime that will counteract the movements you are making that are causing you
pain. You will gain strength in the areas you need it and learn to stand and walk and sit in
ways that your body was intended to. Don’t be turned off by the word “exercises”
because they are natural movements and ten minutes a day (if that) is all it takes to
re-train your body.

I am writing this now after a month of a very busy time at my job. I have not been feeling
well and I know it is because I have not been taking care of myself the way I should. I
have been going right back to the way I used to feel before I began seeing Dr. Stone:
lethargic, sore, aching neck and lower back, waking up feeling cripplingly stiff. Just a day
ago I changed back to my good habits that I learned from Dr. Stone, I’ve been drinking
my “Nanos”, doing my exercises and right now I feel great. It is striking to me how
instant the relief is. It is surprisingly simple, feel well by following Dr. Stone’s advice. I
am once again (as I have been thousands of times) in awe at the wisdom of Dr. Stone. I
am also more convinced than ever that it is his teaching coupled with your doing that will
heal you. The main thing you must know is that you must do your exercises. Dr. Stone
will adjust your routine to suit your state of being and you must do your part. Your body
is with you 24-7. It is only with him for a short time. He can work miracles if you just do
what he says. Take it from me, I know!

Debbie V