Message from Dr. Stone


I want to thank you for visiting our site. I hope you find the enclosed information helpful and that it will assist you with some questions you might have prior to coming to the office.

I think the most important thing you can know about me, if you are considering using me as your chiropractic physician, is that I treasure the trust that you will place in me.

We will be partners in the care that you will receive. Your participation and willingness to change habits, routine activities and patterns will help us meet your goals as quickly as possible.

It will be my goal to educate you in the ways of chiropractic and to focus on your goals, whatever they may be, and build a plan to help you in achieving those goals and maintain them. Your goals will become my goals.

It will be different in my office. We will focus on reaching your goal in the quickest time frame without taking shortcuts. We will work towards, you regaining control instead of symptoms controlling your life.

In order to accomplish this you must be willing to possibly change activities and the way you perform them in order to reach the goals that you desire. I want to help you become independent, not dependent, by providing you with the tools and knowledge to help you get and stay better. I try to instruct my patients in a way that they will be able to share with and teach their family the basics on how to stay healthy.

I’m looking forward to working with you.

Yours in health,

Dr. Mark