your exam

Upon arriving at our office you will be provided the appropriate forms that will need to be completed, after which, a one on one discussion with Dr. Stone, of your present injury or complaint, a past medical and family history will be taken. A complete neurological and orthopedic examination will be performed along with the following examination procedures


sEMG stands for Surface Electromyography. This device measures the amount of electrical activity you muscles release when they are contracting, also known as muscle tension. It is similar in function to an EKG which measures heart muscle activity.

Colors indicate levels of tension: In his case, average are green, pink are moderately high and red are high levels. Yelow indicates abnormally low meaning fatigued muscles. The arrows represents imbalance of muscle tone.

These imbalances can indicate the presence of a Vertebral Subluxation. When correlated witih X-Ray and other testing we perform, the sEMG gives us additional information to help correct the cause of your symptoms.

Vertebral Subluxations reduce your body's ability to maintain optimal health. When Vertebral Subluxations are present, the nervous system is negatively affected resulting in increases or decreases in muscle activity. The sEMG shows the muscular component of the Vertebral Subluxation Complex.

Computerized Foot Scan

Your feet are the "foundation" of your health. Problems in the feet can set off a chain reaction of symptoms, including uneven shoe wear, irregular gait, arch pains, knee pain, back pain, and even headaches! If examination concludes that there is a problem, custom-made orthotics may be recommended to correct an anatomically short leg, pronation problems, and postural and structural abnormalities. The procedure for fitting you for the orthotics takes very little time and is easy to do. Once the computerized scan is obtained, it is electronically sent to a laboratory, where your customized orthotics are designed and tailored for your specific needs. If you experience foot pain in your day-to-day activities, or in your sport of choice, custom-made orthotics may be part of the solution.

Computerized Posture Analysis

Utilizing digital images and placing them into a software program, which then allows measuring of structural landmarks to determine postural deficiencies. With this information indivulized exercise and function movement pattern programs are developed to enhance the speed of recovery and increase the probability of compliance after the point of being discharged.